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Fixture Design / Machining

Established in the year 1955, Maroney Company is one of the leading precision machining companies worldwide. We fulfill our customers’ requirements by producing custom machined parts and precision machining services. We serve several sectors, most notable of which are the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. 

At Maroney Company, we believe in delivering quality service to our customers. Our organization is AS9001AD and ISO 9001:2015 certified. We implement the latest technologies through state-of-the-art machinery and our machinists have the expertise and knowledge required to deliver the best results. Additionally, we take care to have streamlined processes that minimize the chance of any possible losses from the start to the finish. All these steps have allowed us to continuously cater to the specific needs of our customers over the last 60 years.

As an organization, we also put a lot of emphasis on quality management. Hence there are measures in place to enable critical quality control maintenance and inspection. For example, our competent technical staff always ensure the cleanliness and organization of the work centers. Additionally, temperature control mechanisms guarantee that relevant process security measures remain in place.

One of the services offered by Maroney Company is fixture design and machining. Our custom CNC machining capabilities effectively allows us to design and create fixtures that our customers need for their machinery. This article discusses in detail about this particular service area. Read on to learn more about fixture design and machining services offered by Maroney Company.

What is Fixture Design and Machining?

A fixture refers to a device used for locating, supporting, and holding a workpiece during an ongoing manufacturing process. Most production processes involving automated manufacturing, assembly operations, and inspection mechanisms need fixtures. It is crucial that a fixture is accurately able to locate the targeted workpiece with respect to the orientation of a measuring device or cutting tool. Hence, fixture design and machining must be highly precise for the proper functioning of the final product.

Fixture design and machining aim to create a device that is able to locate, clamp, and secure a workpiece in a particular location for the production process. Usually, there are specific use cases for a particular fixture design. Hence, they are manufactured individually according to the requirements. 

Jigs are similar to fixtures but provide the additional functionality of guiding the cutting tools in boring and drilling operations. Sometimes, the mechanisms for holding workpieces are collectively called jigs and fixtures.

Our Services

At Maroney Company, our service aims at taking your design idea, concept or even a mere napkin sketch and turning that into reality. The dedicated technicians check the viability of the proposed concept, come up with an appropriate design and then proceed to the machining process. This helps us to create a final product with custom CNC parts.

Our engineering capability is supported by the latest and most updated pieces of equipment and technology. Our complete hone and grind department includes jig grind, manual and CNC I.D. / O.D. grinding, centerless grinding, and honing mechanisms. This means that our machinists can create even complex fixtures through custom CNC machining.  

Our professionally trained technicians and machinists can handle complicated fixture design and machining projects from the initial concept to the final production with ease. Currently, we produce fixtures for customers in the following sectors- 

  1. Aerospace Industry
  2. Defense Industry
  3. Electronic Housings
  4. Medical Devices

Contact Us for Your Fixture Design and Machining Requirements

At Maroney Company, we look forward to helping our customers with their requirements pertaining to fixture design and machining. Please give us a call at (818) 882-2722 or email us at to discuss your needs and find custom solutions tailored just for you.