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Electrical Discharge Machining

With over six decades of experience in the field of precision machining, Maroney Company is one of the leading providers of Electrical Discharge Machining services worldwide. The experienced machinists at our company use the latest and state of the art machines in our EDM department to fulfill the customer requirements. We have complete Multi-Axis CNC Sinker EDM and Wire EDM including programmable “Turn While Burn” capabilities.

Maroney Company is an AS9001AD and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. In addition to these certifications, the combination of state-of-the-art machinery and highly-trained professional technicians allow us to successfully undertake complex EDM projects. Moreover, one of our important areas of focus for project execution is attention to detail in the manufacturing process.

When it comes to precision engineering like Electrical Discharge Machining, process quality control is essential. The disciplined and experienced technical staff at Maroney Company adheres to stringent quality standards. One of the steps in which they achieve this is by maintaining properly organized and clean workspaces. Additionally, temperature control systems keep these facilities further secure. 

All these factors have helped Maroney Company to provide exemplary and consistent services to the customers over the years.

Read on to learn more about EDM machining services provided by us.

What is Electrical Discharge Machining?

Electrical Discharge Machining, or more commonly known as EDM, is the method of creating complex shapes in hard materials with the use of electric current discharges. The process includes an electrode and a workpiece- both submerged in a dielectric fluid. Rapid electrical current passes between the workpiece and the electrode. Repeated discharges of this kind create tiny zones of plasma that instantaneously melts the material. Thereafter, this material is then removed by flushing it away. In this way, the shapes are created in the material.

Our EDM Services

Maroney company has suitable machinery to provide our customers with precise Wire EDM and Sinker EDM services. Details on these processes are as follows.

1. Wire EDM Machining Services

In wire EDM machining, the cutting tool is a strand of wire. This helps to create a linear cut. Due to this reason, wire EDM services are usually used to cut all the way through the material. This process does not create stress on the material. Hence, it is suitable for projects that have limitations on the levels of material stress permissible, intricate tolerances, and requirements for surface finish.

In fact, in the wire EDM process, the surface finish and tolerance factors depend on the number of passes made by the machine. Hence, these factors have interconnections. Higher the number of passes or skims, the higher the precision with a better finish quality.

At Maroney Company, we have dedicated equipment for providing high-quality and precise wire EDM machining services. Some of the machines that we use in our EDM department for this procedure are as follows:

  1. Charmilles FI440CC with Servo Controlled Rotary AXIS  “turn while burn
  2. Mitsubishi FA 10  with Programmable Rotary Axis
  3. Charmilles FI240CC
  4. Mitsubishi FA10S with Indexable Hi-Speed Programmable Rotary Axis
  5. Mitsubishi MD-PRO  with Programmable Rotary Axis

2. Sinker EDM Machining Services

Sinker EDM process, also known as the conventional or ram EDM, involves the usage of a custom-made electrode that operates by “sinking” the shape into the material it works on. Common electrode materials are copper, graphite, or tungsten. The electrodes are designed to appear as the reverse (or negative) of the intended shape.

The primary advantage of the sinker EDM machine is that it is capable of creating complex shapes without inducing stress on the material. However, unlike the wire EDM machines, these do not cut all the way through the material.

Applications like die-stamping, injection molds, blind cavities or keyways, and cross-sections are some of the common usages of the EDM shop.

The EDM department at Maroney Company makes the use of the following CNC machines to provide superior sinker EDM machining services:

  1. Mitsubishi EA12V CNC
  2. Mitsubishi V25 FS CNC
  3. Makino EDAF3FH CNC
  4. Mitsubishi V25 F CNC
  5. Current CT 500 Submersible CNC with Angular Head Attachment
  6. Mitsubishi ED2000 CNC

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At Maroney Company, we look forward to helping our customers with their EDM machining needs. Please give us a call at (818) 882-2722 or contact us to discuss your requirements and find custom solutions tailored just for you.