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In the medical industry, there is an ever-increasing need for precision machined parts for the various pieces of equipment used for diagnosis and testing. The competent technicians at Maroney Company fulfill the requirements of the customers in the medical industry by manufacturing complex and custom machined parts by utilizing the latest technology. CNC services are used to manufacture certain complicated medical tooling designs.

Established more than 60 years ago, in the year 1955,  Maroney Company had started its operations with just a single lathe machine. Since then, the organization has grown phenomenally to become one of the most favored ultra-precision machining companies in the world. One of the sectors which our company caters to is the medical equipment industry. We are industry leaders in the fabrication and production of complex components used in high-tech medical equipment.

We understand the importance of offering superior quality products to our customers. Thus, we put emphasis on utilizing the best machinery available in the market. Additionally, we have professionally trained technicians and machinists with unmatched expertise in their fields. Our organization is both AS9001AD and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Hence, we have all the capabilities in place for the successful undertaking of even the most complex medical tooling projects.

When it comes to the deliverance of projects, we make sure to pay attention to all the details. Moreover, we have critical quality control measures in place. Our disciplined and experienced technicians ensure proper maintenance and cleanliness of the temperature-controlled facilities. Thus, all these are instrumental in the implementation of the most strict quality control guidelines and have helped Maroney Company to provide consistent service over the years. 

Read on to learn more about our medical tooling services.

Our Services

When it comes to medical tooling, Maroney Company’s highly specialized team of experts can produce even the most complicated parts that the client requires. The utilization of the latest technology makes this possible. Our team of machinists works closely with the customers right from the initial design phase. They check the viability of the earliest designs and give fruition to that through the production process. Most of the medical tooling is manufactured through precision CNC services.

Equipment and Capabilities

As mentioned previously, we use the most modern technology available in the market for medical tooling purposes. This means that our departments are equipped with the latest CNC machinery, be it jig bores, lathe machines or EDM machines.

Some of our capabilities are as follows-

  1. Complete 4 and 5 Axis Milling and Jig Boring department.
  2. Complete Grind and Hone department, including Jig Grind, Manual and CNC I.D. / O.D. Grinding, Surface, Centerless Grinding, and Honing.
  3. Optical Flat Diamond, Double Face, Single Face, Roll Lapping and, Extrude Honing.
  4. Complete CNC Lathe department.
  5. Complete Multi-Axis CNC Sinker EDM and Wire EDM including programmable “Turn While Burn” capabilities.
  6. DP Technology “ESPRIT” CAD-CAM programming Systems supported by (6) Workstations.
  7. All systems capable of receiving and processing customer-supplied computer files from customers via our 265-bit AES Encrypted File Transfer Network.
  8. Complete inspection department with Automated Coordinate Measuring Machines.


Maroney Company’s facilities house the most advanced machinery available in the market. 24/7 security not only helps in implementing stringent quality control measures but also provides peace of mind. The highly experienced technicians and machinists prioritize delivering quality components to the customers.

Additionally, the administrative infrastructure at Maroney Company keeps the customers updated with the status of their projects right from the initial design conception up to the final production.

Contact Us for Your Medical Tooling Requirements

At Maroney Company, we look forward to helping our customers with their requirements pertaining to medical tooling and machining. Please give us a call at (818) 882-2722 or email us at to discuss your needs and find custom solutions tailored just for you.