Maroney Company | Precision and Electrical Discharge Machining


John Maroney and Buddy

In 1955, John Maroney formed a one-man, one-machine company in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, California. His talent, ambition, and deeply rooted principles of perfection immediately earned his company a reputation as a precision electrical discharge machine (EDM) shop.  Within just a decade, Maroney was one of only a few shops in the Los Angeles area with close-tolerance EDM capability, and in 1969 it was selected over 28 other companies nationwide to be the sole supplier for precision valve assemblies for the lunar module that went to the Moon on Apollo 11. Since then, the Maroney Company’s aerospace work took off. In 1971 the family-owned company moved to its present location in Northridge, California.

Over the ensuing decades, the Maroney Company steadily added high end precision equipment and remained committed to providing excellence in machining, meeting or exceeding all customer and applicable statutory and certification requirements, and delivering conforming products or machining services, while continuously improving its Quality Management System. Maroney’s comprehensive shop and diversified equipment allows it to handle a project from concept to completion with all the critical operations under its control.



In 2018, the Maroney Company, LLC was acquired by Ultramet, an established leader in advanced materials research, development, and manufacturing located in nearby Pacoima, California. Ultramet recognized the synergies of the two companies and the consequent benefits of acquiring a precision machine shop to complement its current products and to expand into new markets.

To retain Maroney’s focus and take advantage of its state-of-the-art capability, Ultramet intends to maintain the facility in Northridge with some integration of the administrative, strategic planning, and marketing between the companies. John Maroney’s eldest son, John Cameron, continues to serve as president and general manager of the Maroney Company, LLC. Cameron will ensure that the Maroney Company’s reputation as a premier precision machine shop that specializes in complex, machining of intricate components continues with the change in ownership.

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