Maroney Company | Precision and Electrical Discharge Machining


In 1955 John Maroney started out as a one-man, one-machine company in the San Fernando Valley in California. His talent, ambition, and deep-rooted philosophy of perfection immediately earned him a reputation as a precision EDM house. By the late sixties, Maroney was one of the only few with this close-tolerance capability in the Los Angeles area. At that time, TRW selected Maroney Company to be sole supplier for E-ring and valve assemblies for the LEM descent engine that went to the moon on Apollo 11. From then on, The Maroney Company’s aerospace work took off.  In 1971 the company moved to Northridge, California, where they have been located since.

Maroney’s eldest son, John Cameron is president and general manager of the company. He is up to the demand to keep their reputation as an ultimate precision specialty house, specializing in complex machining of precision components. The company is equipped with machinery that give them the ability to handle a project from concept to completion with all the operations under their control.

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John Maroney and Buddy